Most Excellent Gaming Championship

Welcome to the Most Excellent Gaming Championship!

Qualified players will compete for $2,500 in cash prizes!


Qualifying for the 2022 Most Excellent Gaming Championship

Players can only qualify through events held at our Manchester Location

How to earn points?

Players can earn points from playing in local events and special events ran in-store.
  • Local Tournaments – 1 Point per win
  • Special Tournaments – 5 Points per win.


Ways to qualify?


The Most Excellent Gaming qualifying season will be divided into four seasons.
  • Season 1 – January 4th – March 31st
  • Season 2 – April 1st – June 30th
  • Season 3 – July 1st – September 30th
  • Season 4 – October 1st – December 18th


Most Excellent Gaming Mid-Season Invitational
Most Excellent Gaming Invitationals are open to all players and offer invitations to the Most Excellent Gaming Championship.
  • Invitationals are special events and players will earn 5 points per win during this event.
  • The Top 4 players from this event will earn an invite to our Most Excellent Gaming Championship


Point Leaders
At the conclusion of each Season the top 3 players in the leaderboard will be awarded invitations to compete in the 2022 Most Excellent Gaming Championship. 
In the case that a player has already received an invitation to the Most Excellent Gaming Championship, the invite will be awarded to next player on the leaderboard with most points.
Players will accumulate points through locals events each week. Points will be updated every Monday


      Most Excellent Gaming Championship is an invitational only event that features a prize pool of $2,500.
      Free, Invitation Only 
      1st - $800 
      2nd - $500
      Top 4 - $250 
      Top 8 - $175 
      Yu-Gi-Oh! and Digimon will be store credit payouts due to policy's implemented by the companies.